Step 1 - Plan Your Move

Click the "Get a Quote" button on the bottom of this page to start the free moving quote process. A Razor Van Lines agent will contact you to set up a survey and determine your moving needs. This ensures you receive the most accurate estimate.

Your Razor Van Lines will cover important information consumers must have prior to the move. This will also help you with the planning process.

Moving Tip: Tell your sales representative about any items you won't be moving.

Step 2 - Pack and Load

Your packing team will arrive one to two days before your move date to begin packing. On moving day, the van operator will inventory your belongings that need to be moved and provide you with an inventory form that you must sign. Once signed, the loading process begins.

Moving Tip: When packing, separate items according to who will be transporting them: The mover or you. This will prevent any confusion during loading.

After loading, the van operator will let you know when to expect your shipment delivery based upon you pre-planned window of delivery. You will receive a phone call within 24 hours of your delivery, which will be your final confirmation. Make sure you provide your van operator with your contact information.

Step 3 - Delivery and Payments

Please be at your residence to meet the driver, who will usually wait up to two hours for you. Additional waiting time charges could occur if you fail to arrive within that time period.

Pay your van operator at your new home by cash, certified check or traveler's check. If you wish to use a credit card, please arrange for this in advance.

Step 4 - Unload and Unpack

After your belongings are unloaded, the driver will request your signature on all delivery documents. If anything has been lost or damaged, please note these items on the inventory form before you sign.

Moving Tip: Drivers are required to assemble bed frames and unpack mattress cartons to setup all beds. Please contact your agent if you need additional services.

A properly licensed interstate broker, such as Razor Van Lines LLC, DOT: 3359128 MC: 1075376, is not a motor carrier and will not transport an individual shipper's household goods, but will coordinate and arrange for the transportation of household goods by an FMCSA authorized motor carrier, whose charges will determine by its published tariff. All estimated charges and final actual charges will be based upon the carrier’s tariff which is available for inspection from the carrier upon reasonable request. (*) 70% OFF on Tariff Rate.


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